April 10, 2023

4 Tips for College Graduation Photos

April 10, 2023

Your college graduation is a huge milestone, and is perhaps one of the last great excuses to have portraits done before life gets too crazy! After 30 years in the photography business, here are our 4 best tips for successful college graduation photos.

1. It's safe to say that none of us go around every day wearing a graduation cap and gown. In fact, if it were not for such a specific purpose, the whole getup is fairly crazy! Fortunately, a skilled photographer can help you look your very best, and not drown in fabric and a funky hat. One of the best ways to incorporate your cap and gown is to hold your cap as opposed to wearing it, put your hands on your hips inside the gown to pull it back, or throw the whole gown over your shoulder as opposed to wearing it at all! See the photos below for some inspo!

2. While we can help you out with a little bit of Photoshop magic, it's always best if your special items are steamed to perfection before your shoot! The last thing you want is for a wrinkled stole to *steal* the show from your amazing accomplishments (and your amazing face!). Prep everything the night before for a stress-free photoshoot day.

3. Your college grad session is obviously the change to show off your cap and gown, but it's also a great opportunity to get an updated professional headshot, or personal branding imagery as you head into your career. We recommend bringing an outfit that matches well with your gown, as well as another outfit that allows you to express yourself. Because let's be honest - few people really adore the cap and gown look, it's just all part of the celebration! So let's get some shots of you in your more usual garb as well.

4. Nothing ruins a great photoshoot experience more quickly than being dehydrated, and nothing makes smiling harder than chapped lips! Let's remove every barrier to the portrait session you've worked so hard to earn... Throw some chapstick in your bag and keep those smiles coming!

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