March 1, 2023

Why We Don't Include Digital Images in (Most) of Our Sessions

March 1, 2023

"How many digital images do I get?"

This is a GREAT question, and one that we get a lot from potential portrait clients! And if you've been following us for any amount of time, you may have noticed that we do things a little differently than most. Keep reading if you want to know why!

Many photographers fall into a category known as "shoot and burn" photographers. These photographers follow a business model that has them collecting one fee up front, shooting your portraits, and then "burning" them to a flash drive for you as included in the initial fee that you paid. From there it's DIY - from printing, to album design, to walk hangings. That's a fine way to do things! But, it's not how we feel is best to serve our particular group of clients, and here's why. Here at Captured Moments we are what you call a รข "Full-Service Photography Studio". Essentially, that means when you book with us, we use our 30 years of experience to do everything for you, from editing, to narrowing down the images, to guiding you through your favorites, to coordinating with your interior design, and more. We don't "include" anything in our sessions because we don't want to pigeon-hole you; we want to help you get exactly what you want out your session, down to the very minute details. What you decide to purchase and how you decide to display your portraits is completely up to you. The power is still in your hands, but here, you can make decisions with the advice of seasoned professionals. So, no, there aren't any digital images included in most* of our sessions, because we want to give you so much more than a flash drive. We want to give you memories you'll treasure for a lifetime, displayed in a way you'll love for years to come (Of course, you can also purchase digitals images any time).

*Our headshot sessions do have digitals included, because we know that headshot clients almost exclusively need digital copies. Headshot clients, you are a different demographic and we love serving you in a way that suits your needs!

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